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TVO - A Students' Club for Ultimate Degeneration

What is TVO?

Is it a rock club? Well, yes, but that's not all. Sometimes it comes across as a quasi-secret student community which roams around the city and the universities in all sorts of functions. The TVO experience goes on after graduation, meaning one can enjoy the perks of student life even after moving on from the University.

TVO is the most versatile club in the University of Turku. The purpose of this society is to promote students' possibilities to do whatever they like. In addition to this quite ubiquitous mission, the organisation promotes local culture life by creating nice events, parties and special happenings.

For upcoming gigs and other events check the TVO-Calendar (only in Finnish, sorry 'bout that).

Maarit is the DJ.

What's in it for you?

You can, for example, have a prolonged scientific debate or listen to a pseudoscientific monologue. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, or opt for a cold beer. We TVOites usually enjoy all sorts of games: Challenge one of us in pinball, pool or table soccer, we guarantee it won't be too easy for you. Of course you can just relax and enjoy the sauna at the clubhouse.

As a member of TVO, you can enjoy all Finnish academic traditions, including decorous but festive parties (the picture below), excursions around the province and yachting in the Turku archipelago. In the traditional parties of TVO, young students and older scholars are happily mixed up together. During the winter, TVO ice swimming division regularly takes a dip in the icy sea, with surprisingly pleasing consequenses. No need for an icebreaker there.

TVO organises an annual performance art festival and we are looking forward to see what you can come up with. Rock'n'roll around the clock and things of that nature are an essential part of student life - after the lectures and diligent studying, of course. TVO is a gateway to the twists and turns of Finnish underground culture life.

The singing of a traditional punch song.

The TVO rock club

Coming soon! The club, often called 'Tevis', opens in 2015.

TVO ran a legendary music club for nearly 50 years until June 2010 when TVO was evicted from its previous location in the Studenthouses of Turku. Gigs and other events took place several times a week. A multitude of rock and punk bands from around the world visited Turku and played in our living room to big crowds (occasionally). It's about time we get that train rolling again.

More information about the rock club coming soon! (This was written in March 2015.)

How to enter the TVO?

At the moment, TVO is active in two locations. The Clubhouse is located at Köydenpunojankatu 14 (nearby the large Logomo venue). The office room / living room / pool room -hall is located in the Studenthouse B (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4B), look for a sign 'Osissa' over the entrance.

For opening hours, you have to check two calendars: for most events the TVO's own calendar, which is already mentioned above, and for the living room / office room its schedule. The office is run together with SHO and SKO, two vaguely similar organisations (known as student nations), and you have to look for the magic letters T-V-O for our events.

Join the club

You don't have to be a member of TVO to participate in most of our events or to visit the club room. As a member you can take part in all the activities and start organising new ones as well. Join anytime online! You just have to figure out how to fill the form, which is in Finnish (form for students and for support members).

TVO ribbon

All students at the University of Turku or Åbo Akademi University can join TVO. Membership is not limited to students only, as anyone can become a support member. The membership fees in 2015 are only 5 e for full members and 20 e or more for support members (100 e or more for companies and other legal persons). When it's celebration time, you can recognise TVO members by the ribbon (above) and the cap.

Anything else?

Please ask! When you see the flag of TVO, follow it.

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